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Öhlins TTX Automotive Race

Racing has been the ground where Öhlins products have been developed and tested to find that last bit of performance without taking short cuts. Öhlins products cover the whole racing scene, from Formula One and single seaters to prototypes, touring cars, GT racing and stock cars.

Be it car specific shock absorbers or the bespoke kit system, there isn’t a racing car that Öhlins TTX shock absorbers cannot be fitted to and are built using the highest quality materials for ultimate reliability when on the race track.

In whatever series you are currently running a race car speak to BG Motorsport to discuss appropriate Öhlins TTX applications for your vehicle.

An overview of available Öhlins automotive race products  can be found below or for full information please visit the Öhlins website.


  • Fully independent 4 way adjustment
  • Through rod, twin tube design & fully pressure balanced
  • VRP program acts like a ‘virtual dyno’ to illustrate the damper curve being produced at any given settings.
  • Extremely lightweight – 56mm stroke version weighs under 850g!
  • Easy installation – align top eye to adjuster orientation 360 degrees
  • Adjustable ‘blow off’ valve upgrade available


  • Fully pressure balanced twin tube designs
  • Fully independent 2 way adjustable (possible to upgrade to 3 or 4!)
  • Easy installation – align top eye to adjuster orientation 360 degrees
  • TTX36 is the newest addition to the ‘TT’ range, it features a compact ‘In Line’ reservoir for better packaging & where regulations dictate a ‘mono’ design
  • High frequency & blow off pistons options available


  • 46mm piston McPherson strut
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Through rod design & fully pressure balanced
  • MT (McPherson touring) version is an independent 4 way adjustable
  • CR (Club race) is a more cost effective independent 2 way adjustable
  • 30mm through rod for un-compromised rigidity
  • Reservoir can be fitted facing up or down & spun for ease of installation

TPX Rally / Rallycross Strut

TPX Rally / Rallycross Strut
  • The next generation of Rally design from Öhlins
  • Twin piston design eliminates risk of cavitation of oil & allows low gas pressure to keep friction to a minimum
  • Dual speed compression and rebound adjusters
  • Integral PDS (Progressive Damping System) allows soft set ups without risks of heavy bottoming
  • 44mm twin pistons

New '18-50' ORQ Off Road Damper!

New '18-50' ORQ Off Road Damper!
  • Integrated PDS (Progressive Damping System) allows soft set ups without risk of heavy bottoming
  • Long proven success, especially in ‘Rally Raid”
  • New 18mm shaft 50mm piston!
  • Large diameter hose with swivel fittings and piggy back versions available for increased flow potential and ease of installation
  • Two way and three way versions available
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