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Tired suspension slowing you down?

Oil degrades and seals wear out. We can breathe new life into your forks and dampers.

The suspension workshop at BG Motorsport was opened in 2001, within the Silverstone Circuit industrial area. Since then we have excelled in building suspension for ALL types of vehicles for use on tarmac, off road and even snow. Our 3,000 square foot workshop at Silverstone Circuit is equipped with both an Öhlins vacuum oil filling rig and Roehrig shock dyno.

With 10 years expertise of being an official automotive specialist, BG Motorsport was selected by Öhlins Racing AB to become one of just two centres in the UK that can supply and build automotive, motorcycle and ATV suspension systems. We offer the full catalogue range for ALL vehicles with full after sales support from factory trained staff. We are also ‘kit system’ approved so if there is something that isn’t covered by the standard range, chances are we can design and build it to order.

As well as Öhlins suspension we are also the official service partner in the UK for Sachs Race Engineering Products and an authorised Eibach set up centre in the UK. We can offer workshop support for nearly all makes and types of suspension, don’t hesitate to call us if you have something that you don’t see of the website.

Damper & Fork Servicing


As dampers and forks are worked up and down their stroke, they force fluid through internal valves under pressure to absorb inputs and create just the right amount of positive pressure to maintain a contact patch between the tyre & the ground. This gives the fluid a hard life, being constantly ‘sheered’ and the friction being converted into heat. Over time this tends to break down the structure of the oil followed by the performance of valves resulting in the damping fading.

What’s involved?

A typical shock service will include disassembly, inspection of valve parts & replacement where necessary, replacement of sliding bushes and seals, re-filling with the best quality fluid using our vacuum rig to ensure no air is left inside and re-gassing with nitrogen. They are then dyno tested to ensure they are performing as they should.


The dyno is a vital part of the suspension workshop. It basically cranks the damper through a set stroke at different shaft speeds to measure the amount of resistance it gives in compression & rebound directions at each speed. From this we can check for consistency & that the figures are correct for the application. This also gives us the ability to check the rate of springs if required.

Our Partners

BG Motorsport are proud to be an Official UK Ohlins Centre, Official Service Partner for ZF (Sachs) Race Engineering and Official Eibach Agent.

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