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Flat Tracker Suspension Conversion & Setup

Flat Tracker Suspension Conversion

When you’re planning on sliding a motorbike sideways on a dirt track, you need suspension that’s predictable and plush!

BG Motorsport can convert any motocross bike for flat track and tune your suspension setup for your weight and experience level.


Flat Track Conversion


Custom Suspension Conversion

Your BG Motorsport flat track conversion will be more than simply a suspension swap. We customise every suspension conversion using our specialist knowledge and tools.

  • Optimised lengths based on chassis geometry and rider ergonomics.
  • Spring packages based on both bike and rider from wheel frequencies and/or preference.
  • Existing shocks and forks measured on our shock dyno, then re-worked based on chassis and rider preference.

As an official UK Öhlins centre and sole UK ZF Sachs Race Engineering Service Partner, BG Motorsport can help both amateur and professional riders on any type of flat tracker optimise their set up.

DTX Flat Tracker Conversion or Framer?

A DTX is a motocross motorcycle converted for flat track by changing the suspension and adding 19-inch wheels. A framer is a purpose-built flat tracker.


DTX Flat Track Conversion Before and After


DTX is a popular way to get a flat track bike because it’s easier and can cost less than buying or building a framer. Popular donor bikes include the Honda CRF 450, KTM SXF 450 and Husqvarna FC 450. BG Motorsport can convert all of these and more. We can also set up your bike to suit your weight and riding style.

If you’re building a framer, or you’ve bought one and want to improve it, we can provide, fit and tune the ideal suspension for your needs and budget.

DTRA Flat Track Nationals

BG Motorsport will be at every round of the 2019 DTRA Flat Track nationals.


DTRA Flat Track Nationals


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