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Mitsubishi Ohlins Road & Track Upgrade

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Ohlins designers have developed compatible replacement coilover kits for the Lancer Evo 4-6, Lancer Evo 7-9 and Lancer Evo 10. The shock absorbers themselves are fully adjustable so if you like a more spirited ride or are taking your car on the track you can enjoy the feel of stiffer suspension whilst being able to soften them off when driving on bumpy back roads. What’s more they are fully serviceable by BG Motorsport right here in the UK, so they can last the lifetime of the car.

LANCER EVO 4-6 – PART NO. MISGP00, CN9A/CP9A, 1996-2000
LANCER EVO 7-9 – PART NO. MISMI00, CT0, 2001-2007

LANCER EVO 10 – PART NO. MISMI10, CZ0, 2007-


General Features

• DFV (Dual Flow Valve) • Rebuildable • Corrosion salt spray tested (ISO 9227) • 2 year Limited Warranty


• McPherson Strut • Top mounts with camber adjustments • Height adjuster (approx. 15 mm lower than standard) EVO 7-9 • Height adjuster (approx. 25 mm lower than standard) EVO 10 • Spring preload adjuster • Single bleed adjuster • Coil springs (rate 100N/mm) • Dustcovers


• Conventional shock absorber • Top mounts • Height adjuster (approx. 15 mm lower than standard) EVO 7-9 • Height adjuster (approx.25 mm lower than standard) EVO 10 • Length adjuster • Single bleed adjuster • Spring preload adjuster • Coil springs (80 EVO 7-9, 70 EVO 10) N/mm • Dustcovers

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